Wednesday, January 14, 2009


There’s something beautiful about new beginnings. Recently I was reading in Revelation--not something I was doing on a whim; it was a part of our Bible reading plan for the year. While much of the book goes over my head, Revelation 21:5 reached my heart that day. It says, “And He who sits on the throne said, ‘Behold, I am making all things new.’ And He said, ‘Write, for these words are faithful and true.’”

All things new.

In all honesty 2008 has not been without its significant struggles. I think it’s one of those years I will look back as a definitive place in the Refiner’s fire. There are days I have no desire to relive because they were plain old difficult. But the goodness of God is that I can see specific things I believe the Lord allowed me to learn. In no way do I feel I’ve digested all the lessons and am ready to write a book about them—those places will still continue to teach in the years to come. But I am praying that 2008 was a year in which I looted the enemy (as Beth Moore talks about her book Breaking Free). What he set out as a snare, I pray became a starting block.

The overwhelming truth I have come to own is this: if I am experiencing hardship, God has seen fit to allow it because nothing is beyond His control. Getting angry at people has little benefit. Unfortunately, I still get angry, but at least now I recognize it’s an exercise in futility. If I am frustrated with something in my life, the bottom line is that no one has stepped on my toes without His permission. Notice I didn’t say blessing; I said permission. Those are two different things.

I’ve also learned there’s a monumental difference between feeling pain because I’ve fallen down the stairs and feeling pain because I’ve been walking rigorously around my neighborhood. One has happened because my feet have not been in the right place, the other because they have.

While 2009 has already revealed itself as a year of change, I am hopeful. God is indeed making all things new. I’m sure there will be more places of testing. There’s plenty of dross in me to keep the Refiner busy. Already, God has shown me a specific area in my life where I need Him to make new. Strangely enough, this past year has taught me to trust Him more. He has shown Himself faithful and true. In light of that truth, the past year takes on a whole new look.

*Thanks to my husband for his great work in designing the new website. He continues to amaze me with his willingness to take on any challenge. I love you, Scott!