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What Never Changes

When I was a kid, every day was an adventure for my mom. Take for instance the day a neighbor called to say that she (the neighbor) knew my mom couldn’t have been the one to dress me that morning. Looking out the window, my mom quickly spotted me, my orange shirt and purple shorts announcing my presence to the world. Even now, as I recount this story, I realize my choice in clothing could have been a far greater fashion faux pas, but I must have been quite a sight. First, the neighbor thought my choice in clothing worthy of a phone call to my mom, and second, it was the late 1970’s. What could have been more bizarre than the ever popular bell-bottoms, wide collars and velvet?Nonetheless, whatever I was wearing sent my mom on a mission to discover the fate of the clothing she had last seen me wearing. Heading to my room, she discovered not only the first outfit but at least two others I had tried on and ultimately discarded in a pile on the floor. I have no idea what motivated the multip…

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