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Rest Well

My body could still feel the fatigue of my restless night. When it appeared sleep would not be coming anytime soon, and morning was beginning to settle in, I decided to get out of the bed.As I made my way into the kitchen, I could see the sun had already begun to rise. I grabbed a blanket and my cup of coffee to stave off the morning chill and headed to our front porch. Wrapping myself a little tighter in the knit blanket, I let the steam from my coffee warm my nose that was growing cold in the morning air. Nothing significant had changed in the past few days, but I could feel uncertainty all around me. I was in a new season professionally, and while it had been a chosen transition, my mind would often circle around the unknowns of this new season.Especially at night. Numerous factors were beyond my control, and as much as I had needed to create some space in my life, I had not realized how much security I had placed in productivity, especially when it cameto meeting others’ expectat…

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